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Fig8, by Intuition Games, is a Flash game that borrows heavily from the aesthetics of architectural and technical blueprints. The game began as a student art installation before evolving into a game (full story at Intuition’s site). It’s basically a top-down bicycling game where the player literally rides through patent-inspired design documents. Beautiful:

Basically, the player drives as long as they can without hitting something, while the viewing area automatically scrolls. The longer you ride, the more points you accumulate. Extra points can be gained by keeping the individuals tracks of the wheels overlayed. Your points are displayed to you as text notations that you drive by. The choice of font seemed particularly crucial to the developers, who eventually settled on Sirenne Eighteen MVB. Definitely a good choice. There’s a great interview with Greg and Mike about Fig. 8 over at the (including a link to an awesome image of the entire map), and you can play now at Yo! Arcade.

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  1. Alexander Bruce Says:

    This was indeed a very interesting game, and had a fantastic art style. I hadn’t seen the image of the entire map before. It’s a shame the image is so small. You really can’t see all the intricacies within that image.


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