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Games to Watch: Love


Painterly approaches to video game art are nothing new, though most attempts in the past have been to simply apply painted textures to models using fairly conventional rendering techniques.  In 2006, Clover Studio developed Okami, which featured a groundbreaking display of Japanese sumi-e art, and has since been the hailed as the finest achievement in bringing a classical artistic sensibility to video games. Then, in 2008, lone indie developer Eskil Steenberg, under the moniker Quel Solaar, began releasing screenshots and videos from a project called Love:

Love is a strategic MMO about defending a community from an empirical overlord. Steenberg has relied heavily on procedural generation of maps, characters, and scenarios… a world that builds itself and constantly unfolds to offer an endless number of possible environments and conflicts.  All rendered in a phenomenally lush, impressionistic style.

Steenberg is an immensely talented and visionary developer who truly seems to understand that drama isn’t just conveyed by narrative alone. He states on the Love website: “You won’t be told a story, but you will get to live one.” This kind of attention to developing immersive experiences manifests itself in the art as well, foregoing minute detail and slick materials for vague and emotive impressions. What results is a far more evocative experience than much of what we’ve seen before. I’m very excited to see more on this game:

All images copyright Eskil Steenberg/Quel Solaar:

Love doesn’t appear to have a release time just yet. For more, visit the Love website, and see a great article over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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  1. Jon Harvey Says:

    LOVE looks fantastic. I’m scared to even call it an MMO. The game business is such a strange beast. It takes one man to create a game such as LOVE, yet hundreds of people to create yet another Warcraft clone.

    Just found the site and it’s bookmarked, I hope to see more coverage of interesting games here.


  2. uncommonassembly Says:

    Thanks Jon. Since this post was made, Eskil has released an open alpha for LOVE. Anyone interested can get it here.

    Also some new screenshots of the game are up on his site. I have a feeling that by the time the full release comes around, there will be plenty of press about this amazing game. If there is still anything left to say or show, then I’ll be posting again about it.


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