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Uncommon Classic: flOw

20. December 2009


Originally released as a Flash game in early 2006, flOw was written by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark as a part of Chen's thesis research at the USC Interactive Media Division. In the game, the player controls a simple aquatic microorganism whose goal is to consume other creatures and descend to deeper and more difficult levels of an oceanic environment.

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Uncommon Classic: the Surrealism of Samorost

14. September 2009


In anticipation of Czech developer Amanita's forthcoming Machinarium in October 2009, and as the first in the Uncommon Classic series (the beautiful and oddball games of times past), I present the Samorost series of games. Samorost and Samorost 2 are simple, Flash-based point and click adventure games that were released from 2003 to 2005. Samorost has gained somewhat of a cult classic status over the years, even after winning both a Webby Award, and Excellence in Visual Art award at IGF 2007. The art and programming for the game was completed almost entirely by Jakub Dvorsky.

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